Reply To: Breaking: Fourth Circuit holds NC premises statute unconstitutional



KEY WORD here is: “empirical data” or “Hard Cross Validated (very important) Empirical Sciences”

“Are we Burning down the house to roast the pig?” was the talk in Congress among Senators and Reps when discussing the forming of the AWA or SORNA…


Hypothetical Legal Dicta:

All “punishments [restrictions and requirements]” not just a prison term” should be or should have been listed or enumerated of “what one can cannot do” (Doe – v- Alaska) at the time of sentencing; anything added to it (law at the time) after the fact as part of a sentence for a plea bargain (contract law) would be ex-post facto?

How many people would agree to the “TERMS” of this type of plea bargain which is contractual agreement?

Would you agree to loose all of your enumerated constitutional rights for LIFE?

When would your civil rights be RESTORED?

Where would “LIBERTY INTERESTS” and “DUE PROCESS” “RIGHTS” come in?

Note: Deeply entrenched within the hierarchal design in the archetype of legal dicta “Alford Pleas” do just that; strip most of your constitutional rights which includes the 8TH AMENDMENT among others… This is the ONLY disguishable difference from a Nolo Contender/No Contest Plea.