Reply To: Fourth Circuit to NC: Got some statistical evidence? Anything? Hello? You there?

James Townsend

Ah Mr. Maestro. I do remember litter Richard with the fake eye lashes and the long hair and I do remember “Captain Jack will get you high tonight” I believe that was Bennie and the Jets so who was abusing and who was real?

Now one has to understand that Police are servants of God or Ministers of God if you might say. God is not the author of Confusion.. Now abuse comes in many different forms. So what is vague in your standards or should one give an opportunity if they are representatives of God?

Now for the 64 thousand dollar question. While my PO might not approve me of being on RSOL it is what it is until it, ain’t want it is?

And yes there is a sucker born every minute but if you have knowledge, wisdom, and understanding and a little bit of mustard seed faith one can see miracles happen. Answer me this. …. is there no redemption of the sex offender or is it a one shot charley type of abuse?

RSOL since I have been on it has different people on here with different backgrounds of offenses but RSOL is here to help inform each other that reaches out to this and also gives the opportunities to understand more about the sex offender plight and what they as a group can do to help others.

Isn’t that what its all about helping others? And when one is helping others that’s a God sent.