Reply To: Fourth Circuit to NC: Got some statistical evidence? Anything? Hello? You there?


In my case upon completion of incarceration, the DOC attempted to Petetion the court without my appearance ,while locked up to add a year on to my supervision, the judge denied their request and let the three years stand. Ten years later I was discharged from registering. I have a great argument to nullify the firearms felon restriction.
After release or was sent from my civilian institution back on duty in the military. I demonstrated my lawful abiding proof that I could be trusted to carry and did, in combat and domeatically. Now for a court to mute my argument would be cumbersome and hard even though my state explicitly bans sex offender restoration, but protects every other post-felon class. It is a strange up on the ante when the class of sex offender is not often comenstruated by tool of force and intimidation. It’s nothing but a personable crush of the nuts of someone so aggrieved in the boughs of lustful legislative chambers plotting on every potential or prospecting pervert. I can see right through these bull snot bureaucrats. Sad dam ass shame!