Reply To: Fourth Circuit to NC: Got some statistical evidence? Anything? Hello? You there?

James Townsend

Fourth Circuit to NC. Got some statistical evidence? Anything Hello? Are you there? I have to hand it to Brenda and her crew. This news came at a crucial time in my ordeal as well as others.

Now put on your ethical thinking cap. Here goes…Martyr…a person who is killed because of his religion or other belief’s.

Now in a lot of these ordeals of an internet scheme they wanted us to belief that they were teenagers. Now how can one believe something unless one gets proof to that encounter?
All of us make mistakes but we as a sex offender seem to be in a class of outcasts. Sure I have argued with my sister about this and I’m sure a lot of others have argued with family members but unless one in in there shoe’s they really don’t understand.
Heck I wouldn’t mind going 6 months drunk driving that this? But what after probation does anyone have to look for? I think its high time we all stand up. As I told my PO there are over 8 hundred thousand people on the registry and he agreed to that figured. That is a lot of human lives being wasted because of some cop wanted to practice at the art of deception.
Here is an article you all might want to look up to get a better refresher on all this police and interrogation methods..