Reply To: Fourth Circuit to NC: Got some statistical evidence? Anything? Hello? You there?

James Townsend

Well I met with my probation officer today and I’m going back to court. We discussesd all of what was going on I even showed him this site and he said I wasn’t suppose to actually be on it. I was only suppose to be on the internet for my business since I do graphic work and ceramic tile work.
I guess this is another challenge that I have to go thru. It seems they want all sex offenders to be in the dark about their offense.
I would suggest everybody on here write an article and send it or get your editor of your newspaper to publish something as I think its time now for the American public to know just whats going on this wizard of oZZ thing or hype of all this scheme..
How unconstitutional it is for all states. I even mentioned to my PO about freedom of speech and this Doe Vs Cooper and he tried to look it up on his phone but didn’t know to much about it but all if this is going to come down the pike soon.
Believe it or not I don’t even thing one can type in their browser ‘sex offender laws or look up anything about sex offenders when the main thing is they want one to stay away from kids.
One more example…. from time to time I will get e-mails from some person on yahoo looking for a good time…… of course that is a set up and a ruse I expect. If they do tricks than why not entice someone with a fake e-mail which could turn out to be a cop. I wouldn’t put anything past a cop.