Reply To: *Updates* — Registrant forced to tent in the woods


One eye left.

I too am living in a tent in Washington state, it’s been very cold lately and some days I don’t even get out of my sleeping bags.luckily I live deep in the woods on a friends property where I cannot be messed with by people. I often go 5 or 6 days without showering. But I have to bath in the river when the rash starts to bother me and becomes uncomfortable. I used to have a family and a job a house and several vehicles, but all that ended when it was exposed that I had a juvenile sex offense on my record. I was just a teenager when I was convicted of the alleged crime. I was never given a fair trial and was found guilty by a judge not a jury of my peers. After I lost my job of 15 years I tried to gain employment but no company would hire me because of my record. Do during the process I lost my home after about 6 months I never missed a payment until this happened. I then begin sleeping in my truck at Wal-Mart until I was arrested for not making my weekly check in at the Thurston county sheriff’s department. I had no gas to even get there. So I was sentenced to three years in prison for failure to register. During my prison stay I was beaten by my cell mate and lost sight in my left eye and my right leg is now paralyzed from my hip being stomped on for over an hour. After this happened I was moved into the medical ward of the prison for about 4 months then I was released. Since the day of my release I was required to report to the probation office. Needless to say I never reported due to the fear of going back byo prison for a violation. Luckily my friend understands what I went through and allows me to keep a low profile on his property. Most of the time life’s OK especially in the summer. I live s primitive life style and my friend is in the Army and supplies me me plenty of MRE ration meals so I always have food. I’m wanted by the sheriffs office and have been wanted for several years now. But since I don’t want to be ever harmed again like I was in prison I’m not turning my self back in. I’ve been punished enough for a juvenile offense I never committed. My life is and has been in vain over these sex Offender laws. I know one day I could be found but with my two guns I have I’m not going back to prison for just trying to live my life. I have nothing left to loose and if I go back to prison I know I will die. I don’t want to harm anyone but at this point I will kill anyone without thinking twice about it. Who can blame me after what I’ve been through. I wish I could see my two little girls again before I die. I sometimes call them but there mother had brain washed them and re married. I wish I there was a way to get help but I know I will be sentenced to more prison time. So I choose to live here until my friend says it’s time to go or the police take me out of here in a body bag. All men have a right to live in happyness why are people like me casted out of society. I just wanted to raise my family and take care of them. Yet here I am cold and without my eye and can barely walk and for what some feel good law. I’m never going back my gun assures me of this.