Reply To: *Updates* — Registrant forced to tent in the woods



I just wanted to say here at RSOL, we are like family whether we think so or not, no matter where we are in the U.S. all we strive for is basic protection and exercise of our human, civil and constitutional rights without the government interfering with our lives and livelihood e.g. for allegations we may have plead guilty to 30 years ago.

I am really sorry this is happening to you, forcing some one to stand out in the middle of no where for an X amount of hours is just indicative of trying to punish (the real intent) another person and an absolute antithesis to the purpose of it’s creation. I cannot even believe this is even happening in this day and age, I thought the barbarism of the puritan and colonial era was a lessen learned as a civilization evolves but obviously not, it is so surreal, like stepping into a parallel world and your stuck in the wrong one, that may exist according to the spooky effects of quantum physics.

I always think about people less fortunate than myself, that is how I cope. I may not be out in the woods yet but that could be me some day so I am doubly concerned, I am a humanitarian or philanthropist and when other people are hurting in the world especially the slaughtering of Christians in the middle east, I feel it too, it is the unseen universal psychic bond we humans have, that is what makes us human and social creatures.

I to am a leper, I try to avoid any social contact if at all possible other than commenting here, simply because I do not want to subject anyone to my living nightmare.
My only solice and sanctuary is in the black void of my loneliness, it is like being alive but socially dead, almost a hermetic life style so to speak…