Reply To: *Updates* — Registrant forced to tent in the woods


I am certain I am not the only one who is suggesting a course of action but here it goes anyway just in-case:

I am not sure if this is just simply a probation/parole officer doing this or if it is a state law or local ordinance?

Just because the person is a registrant and subject to this or that does not mean he is exempt from other government services that provide legal defense for disability law, civil or human rights violations, there is a severe conflict of interest brewing here and if the powers that be know they are looking at a serious tort claim they are going to have to repeal whatever is that is causing this problem.

The state is bonded against tort claims but it increases there deductible every time they are not the prevailing party!

This is vulnerable adult abuse being carried out by law enforcements policing power in conflict with other state statutes or local ordinances through the legislature, city council or municipality; to be honest I would file or have a lawyer from some org or agency file a “Tort Claim Against the State.” If the state, city, county or local entity wants to subject people to abuse in violation of it’s own laws then it must be made aware of the monetary consequences for doing so.

You really should contact Adult Protective Services for South Carolina (link and report it to a responsible agency regardless of what they say; insist they investigate and if they turn you away that is just another notch in your tort claim.

They may come and investigate. I have seen cases like this in the past where the the United States Department of Health & Human Services under the authority of HIPPA & American with Disabilties Act come in and overide the state law.

Title 15 – Civil Remedies and Procedures


South Carolina Tort Claims Act