Reply To: *Updates* — Registrant forced to tent in the woods

Lawsuit needed here

If the following happens, which I hope does not, but IF it does happen, I hope Susi has some strong recourse against the system and someone is willing to help her pro bono.

IF Jerry should pass away due to his medical and the environmental conditions during his time in a tent during this cold SC winter, then I hope Susi presses a lawsuit against the sheriff’s department for negligence by informing them initially the apartment was approved then disapproved; thus forcing them (at least Jerry) to vacate. They did not do their due diligence here by not accurately helping them with the measurement when they sought out the department as needed to in their effort to find a residence. This would be more than a monetary lawsuit, but one that makes the sheriff’s department be accountable for their work.

At the same time, right now, I would hope an attorney would help her with a lawsuit against the entity that has levied this crazy distance measurement people have to live by, if the NC case does not get to help them already collaterally. The measurement should be done away with and a lawsuit needs to start now on removing it using this situation.

This is a sad situation that shouldn’t have ever happened, EVER.