Reply To: *NEW UPDATES*–In the rain, in the cold, tent in woods still stands

Adam Seabolt

This is ridiculous behaviour.I read these comments and feel the anger.I too am on paper for 10 years. I have done 121 months in Federal Prison.I made the choice to give up basic rights and freedoms when I committed my crime that I might add was against children,as did all of you.Your anger should not be against others ,ex.Treatment providers,Parole Officers but yourselves.What did you think would happen by deciding to commit what ever offense got you in this current position.People will do one thing if nothing else and that is protect their children.This is a hot button issue right now and through these treatment based programs studies are being made.Untill these studies are in, this is the way of it.These laws are in place to protect society and it’s children.Some challenges have been made on a judicial level and battles have been won.Your anger and irrational rhetoric serves no purpose.Sexual offending against minors will never be tolerated.Wether we like it or not some do and forever will deem us monsters.You can only make the change as to how society views you on a personal the way you act.So start by growing up and face the anger that comes from shame within yourselves.This is only your fault and your past behavior got you here.Seek treatment not to be cured there isn’t one.Seek treatment to become a better member of society.This is all they want.Reasurance that you are striving for wellness. You cannot find it through irrational beliefs.Moral inventory Is the beginning.Try it, be honest with yourself and the reality of your situation.