Reply To: *NEW UPDATES*–In the rain, in the cold, tent in woods still stands

James Townsend

Believe it or not going back to court is what I wanted to do from the get go and my PO knows I wanted to. I even told my PO why I came down there to meet this person and he just held his tongue. Only one word I said to him.. “to prove”.

See they wanted me to come to the house. I might be blind but I’m not stupid”. A lot of you all on here have some hellish probation to deal with in your states. I think I went to these sex offender classes for about three or four weeks and than they let me go because I was talking in a Christian way that they couldn’t challenge.

Heck one day I brought my bible to my PO”s office and the next meeting he told me not to bring it again. I think they are all scared of Christianity even thou they say they are Christian’s…and they do all this stuff …. hey we all have had the wool pulled over us….. remember we are not teenagers.

I’m going to be driving down to try and meet JP as he can help I’m sure along with my lawyer in this hurtle I am going thru and that others in other states are going thru and believe it or not I’m writing letters to Trump at the Trump Hotel. They might get read they may not but the general public needs to know about all this mess as it is unconstitutional………and yes the Ten commandments are still alive and basic religion is still in the constitution…its how one understands the constitution and George Washington knew his maker….. or did he actually chop down that cherry tree.
And we should all look for a better new year.
Happy Holidays