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I understand your frustrations. My husband is on probation in Idaho and has many of the same restrictions that you are facing. We don’t like them but they are part of the punishment phase. He did spend 6 months in jail and has 3 1/2 years probation left out of 5 years.

Yes you do “forfeit” your life but it is temporary and I would much rather my husband & I go thru the probation restrictions & have him home than having him spending the 5 years in prison.

I would like to add that even though he has the restrictions, I also have them and I didn’t commit any crime. Yes that is the price I pay for supporting him. We are working on taking a horrific mistake he made and turning it into something positive. He is one month away from completing the treatment program here which I know some people scoff at but it has been a positive for us.

I am working on doing what I can to be a part of reform for sex offender laws and my husband also wants to help others when he has completed his probation.