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When you really sit and THINK hard about the probation conditions, there is no way anyone with a stable mind and common sense can support the conditions put on us. They literally treat us as if we were all born fully grown, hatched out of a giant egg and attacked the first person we saw which happened to be a “minor”.
As if all of our lives we’ve never been around kids before. As if we’ve never been to a mall or movie theatre before our offense. Like me for example, I always tell them that I owned and used my computer for 7 damn years with no issues until AFTER my divorce and that’s when i came down with a case of the “f*ck its”.
But they don’t care. In their minds I want to use a computer to lure minors.
So I tell them (and this pisses them off but too bad) that I’ll just wait until AFTER my probation and use all the damn computers and smartphones I want and what are you gonna do about it then? Am I still a threat AFTER probation? Or only while ON probation? … Oh they HATE that. Tough!

I’m convinced the majority of people think that those of us on probation are on it for life. I’m sure there are some EXTREME cases but we can probably count those on one hand. For the most part, people with sex offense convictions get anywhere from 3 yrs to 10 yrs of probation following a prison term. I was in a S.O. group where one of the guys had only 3 yrs and his “crime” was the same as mine where the teenager was a year shy of legal age but it was a consensual relationship.

Probation conditions for S.O.’s in the state of Connecticut are as follows:

1. you will participate in and complete any sex offender evaluation and recommended treatment as directed by a probation officer (You may be financially responsible for all or part of the costs of such evaluation and treatment.);

2. you will participate in polygraph examinations administered by a CSSD-approved, specially trained polygraph examiner for treatment purposes and to determine level of supervision;

3. you will have no contact with the victim or victim’s family by letter, telephone call, tape, video, email, text message, or third party contact unless approved by a probation officer. (Contact with the victim or victim’s family must be reported immediately to a probation officer.);

4. you will notify your probation officer of any new or existing romantic or sexual relationship;

5. your place of residence must be approved by a probation officer;

6. you will not move from your place of residence or sleep elsewhere overnight without a probation officer’s prior knowledge and permission;

7. you will allow any probation officer entry into your residence and notify any occupant of your residence that a probation officer may enter where you live;

8. all employment must be pre-approved by a probation officer;

9. you will provide financial and telephone records upon a probation officer’s request;

10. you will abide by any curfew imposed by a probation officer;

11. you will not possess or subscribe to any sexually explicit or sexually stimulating material deemed inappropriate by a probation officer or patronize any adult book or video store, strip club, or adult entertainment club or similar establishment;

12. you will not use telephone numbers that provide access to sexually oriented services;

13. you will not hitchhike or pick up hitchhikers;

14. you will submit to electronic monitoring as directed by a probation officer, you may be required to pay for the costs of such monitoring, you will not tamper with electronic monitoring equipment, and you will not remove the equipment;

15. you will participate in any other treatment program as directed by a probation officer;

16. you must take any medication as prescribed if it is required as part of your treatment program;

17. you will not use any alcoholic beverages or drugs, except as prescribed to you by a physician;

18. you may not associate with other known sex offenders or convicted felons except in an approved treatment program or with prior probation officer approval;

19. you will not be in the presence of minors, nor have contact in any form, direct or indirect, including by means of computer, telephone, letter, tape, video, email, text message, or through another person with children under the age of 16 without probation officer approval. (Any contact must be reported immediately to a probation officer.);

20. you will not date or socialize with anybody who has children under the age of 16 without your probation officer’s prior approval;

21. you may not possess children’s clothing, toys, or games, without prior probation officer approval;

22. you will not go to or loiter near school yards, parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, arcades, or any places primarily used by children under 16;

23. you will not possess a camera, camera phone, camcorder, videocassette, DVD, or any device that can record or play back visual images without probation officer approval;

24. you must maintain a driving log or activity log, as required by a probation officer;

25. you must agree to and sign a computer access agreement that will be provided to you by a probation officer, before using any computer and you must submit to an examination and search of your computer or other similar equipment to verify it is not used in violation of probation or treatment conditions; and

26. you must comply with other probation officer-imposed conditions.

So, to sum it up: You must forfeit your entire life to your probation officer until your probation period ends and you are deemed “cured” since after that date we can no longer bully you anymore. Period.