Reply To: *NEW UPDATES*–In the rain, in the cold, tent in woods still stands

James Townsend

While I might of been a bit crass on 16th and 17 century law Ericka was right in a way. Back than if you preformed black magic you were condemned. I guess if one looked at a child in the wrong way you were condemned.

Now this Maestro might have some good points about all this sex offender ordeal that everyone is going thru but common sense is common sense. Have I broken a lot of rules in some ways mean’s and forms. According to my PO I sure have and its not just being on face book or telling the truth. Its all about taking orders from another man’s wisdom if you want to call it that.

This guy living out in the woods and these sex offenders living in a Tent City are actually inhumane and very out of character for any government. First who are they protecting and who are they serving. I would think their job first..

We all could go on and on with this ordeal but in the end who’s right and who’s wrong. As I said before we all make mistakes or maybe my sister is more perfect than I am or my PO is more perfect.