Reply To: *NEW UPDATES*–In the rain, in the cold, tent in woods still stands


“I do think we should try to reach out to National outlets, such as 20/20, CNN and The Washington Post.”


These are exactly the outlets we should NOT involve in this matter. They will trump it up and add all kinds of “ratings bait” and make the RSO look like he’s desperate for sympathy after “abusing a child”…”child” being the keyword they’ll keep shoving down the viewers’ throats.
I don’t care what anyone feels or says about Donald Trump because at least the man tells it like it is when he speaks of why he hates the news media. They always over-exaggerate the issues they speak of in order to get RATINGS. They misinform!! Hello people!! MISINFORMATION given to the population by the news media is EXACTLY why we’re all in this predicament at the moment.

“Sex offender wants to live where he pleases. News at 11”

Yeah, imagine the positive response THAT will get.