Reply To: *NEW UPDATES*–In the rain, in the cold, tent in woods still stands

James Townsend

What is social media. Well in the computer it is how people communicate together. At times that communicate might be vague, with misspelled words and miss intentions and sometimes it can be to enlighten one’s loneliness.

Now I was given instructions of only using my computer for my business. Buying supplies, corresponding with my business contacts. The sheet of paper was a generic vague form. There is all kinds of media on the computer. Maybe RSOL is some form of social media. I wonder if I would post comments on a Christian if I would have to challenge that also.

Now if this site isn’t for learning &, understanding with others, or a glimpse of what others are going thru on this, I don’t know if this site would be considered social media. Hey I would like to spend the night with my girl friend but I can’t as I have to be home at 10 PM and I have always kept that. So even in some ways probation is a controlling factor. Now I can’t understand why I can live across the street from kids and others can’t?

I have only lived in a tent for a week or so in my boy scout days so its not to much fun, and in the winter time its not the greatest. Now a mobile trailer out in the woods might be fine but I think living in society would be a but more better with family and friends. Life is bad enough without all this sex offender junk riding our backs