Reply To: *NEW UPDATES*–In the rain, in the cold, tent in woods still stands

H n H

Hint at sarcasm should be noted. The entire thing is. Nothing but a sham for politicians to garner votes. We all know it, and they do too! One should watch the episode about sex on Adam Ruins Everything. He sums everything up at the end. Shame. Shame is what motivates everything we’re dealing with. It’s not about actual harm, and I’m guessing a large portion of registrants are on there for something stupid, not actual harm, force or coercion. But the shame of sex is what causes the trauma. Unless you’re a gay or transgendered teen. Then the entire LGBT community erupts in support because to shame such an individual for their sexual preferences (even in their early teen year) may cause that person shame! And we all know these stupid circumstances which lead people to find themselves up against criminal charges never would have seen a court room 100 yrs ago. But today we have shame. And parents want to keep their children as innocent as possible up until the stroke of midnight on their 16th birthday. And anything the teen may encounter sexually will be twisted by a DA into being a crime, to bring about what? Shame. And beings the teen is automatically exempted and innocent of any wrong doing, the shame is put towards the person unfortunate enough to find themselves on the registry. Unless a 14 yr old commits murder, they are always 1000% innocent and victims, even if they were the exact cause of the “offense”. Personally, I think someone needs to ask Adam Ruins Everything to showcase the needless harm the registry causes, and lack of empirical evidence for which it exists in the first place.