Reply To: Let’s Get Fearless! / Jones and panel

James Townsend

Erika, I like your meaning of advocacy and an advocate is dedicated. You know we all have the greatest advocate if we all only look around a minute and stop and smell the roses.
While their are pros and cons to everything RSOL is in there for a fight it seems. Even for myself I’m in this thing for truth and justice as I’m sure you all are.

Let me give you a quote I have in my files and it is from a Famous Four Father President …..

America, for every year since 1776
has done nothing but grow
in might, in power and in strength and in wealth.
We are, as many of us are fond of saying ,the “greatest
nation on the face of the earth. We got our
start with the Puritans who came
over at the leading of God,
and set up a brave new nation. The first
text book ever used in our schools
and universities was the Holy Bible.

James Madison said this

We have staked the whole future of American
civilization. Not upon the power of government,
far from it. We have staked the future
of all our political institutions upon the capacity
of mankind of self-government: upon the
capacity of each and all
of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves,
to sustain ourselves according to the

Ten Commandments of God.

Now you tell me were our country has gone astray……… Now how can one govern themselves when they are set up in these sting operations? Were only human and the law is not superman.