Reply To: Let’s Get Fearless! / Jones and panel

James Townsend

Was watching a bit of the video the other night and I think Brenda has a right idea about these fearless panel groups. While I can disagree on a few things moving in a secular prospective is good in some respects.
Whether you have a Christian prospective on it or not one has to admit that these teenage gals are prostituting themselves when they present themselves as teenage gals. In another view putting one’s physical hands on another is a no, no.
Heck I have even told my probation officer I don’t fear him. The only person I fear is God. I don’t even fear my sister even thought I’m sure most of you all know how sisters can be.
Now giving warning is a lot better than a lot of you all including myself going thru all this mess.
The Police are no better than us but seem to entice things and control one in an internet settings. I would even gather to think that internet sex type situations are huge than the regular sex with boy and girl underage in that type of scenario.
But by and by we will all glean more of the real truth about this or do they really want to leave the sex offender in the dark about all these goings on.