Reply To: Registration policies increase danger


I put this together maybe some one can use it or something like it in their legal brief. This is a comparison of laws that Hitler passed against the Jews and the laws being passes against sex offenders. Pretty scary!


Hitler’s laws against the Jews

1. Had to register. (sometimes twice daily)
2. Banned from public parks.
3. Banned from public pools.
4. Banned from public libraries / schools
5. Banned from cinemas.
6. Banned from certain jobs /owning business
7. Banned from owning pets.
8. Banned from owning cars.
9. Banned from owning phones, radios, typewriters.
10. Banned from traveling.
11. Banned from marriage outside of race.
12. Limits on where they could live.
13. People did not want as neighbors.
14. Tattooed identification numbers.
15. Special identification cards.
16. Special taxes.
17. Had to wear yellow arm bans / yellow stars.
18. House arrest from Dec. 23 to Jan. 1
19. Random house searches.
20. Boycotts
21. Curfews
22. Deportation
23. Put in prison camps.
24. Put to death.
25. Blocked bank accounts.
26. Reduced food rations.
27. Banned from buying tobacco, cigarettes, flowers.


1. Have to register.
2. Banned from public parks / places where children congregate.
3. Banned from public pools.
4. Banned from libraries / schools
5. Banned from cinemas.
6. Banned from certain jobs / owning certain businesses.
7. Banned from owning certain dogs.
8. Have to register all vehicles.
9. Have to register phone numbers, email address, IP addresses,
chat room names, wed site addresses, etc.
10. Special conditions when traveling.
11. Cannot date / wed someone with children.
12. Limits on where sex offenders can live.
13. People do not want as neighbors.
14. Talk of implanting GPS chips.
15. Marks on their drivers license, license plates, passports.
16. Registration fees.
17. Signs in their front yards.
18. House arrest or group confinement on Halloween, can’t dress
as Santa or the Easter Bunny
19. Random address checks / house searches.
20. People refuse to hire sex offenders.
21. Curfews.
22. N/A
23. Put in prison / life long civil commitment.
24. Talk of the death penalty for sex offenders.
25. N/A
26. N/A
27. N/A