Reply To: Registration policies increase danger


The last line in this article just got me in the gut… this 19 yo guy can do what he did and receive a slap on the wrist but if he had sex with an underage girl/boyfriend he would go to prison and possibly be a sex offender for life.

I’m not big on the whole “lock em up” mentality but since my arrest in a sex sting i have this tendency to compare crime vs. punishment. So when i read how a guy shoves a clothes hanger up a vulnerable person’s butt (i’m making an assumption that’s what happened) and only receive 2 to 3 years probation it doesn’t seem fair.

Nope, we don’t need tougher sex crime laws. We crossed the line into “cruel and unusual” territory a long time ago. Besides, i feel revenge-style justice is like shutting the barn door after the cows got out (excuse the phrase- i’m from wisconsin). Even this kid who stuck a clothes hanger up another kids ass…maybe prison isn’t the best thing. Obviously he has some issues. Would putting him in a violent environment improve him or our society? Doubt it…But either way…2 to 3 years probation? I know guys who sold small amounts of weed and received more punishment.

Contemplating the “fairness” of sex crime laws is a perpetual disappointment. At some point in the future (if there is one) people will consider our sex crime hysteria (cuz that’s what it is) the same way we look back on Witch Hunts/Segregation/McCarthyism/ Japanese interment camps/ect ect.