Reply To: Sex offender registration policies increasing danger to public

James Townsend

Well we can all give a shout to temptation and believe it or not everybody has temptations but everybody’s not a crack head. And no I wasn’t that big of a flower child back in the 70’s but the point remains.
The crack head should of just left and went about his business or buy a hooker would save a lot of stress for others that have been railroaded in this situation.
Common sense says nobody “forces” anyone or even sets them up in this deadly game of ring around the rosie or maybe we should talk about transgender bathrooms?

But still they say ignorance is blessed but in some of this one shot Charlie deal who is the bigger criminal…. the one that set someone up and enticed one to smoke crack or the one who called rape or the one that way set up for a victimless crime or the one presenting the opportunity. I will let you all figure it out as I am not a rocket scientist but have a nice Christmas.