Reply To: Christmas in the tent in the woods

Jonathan Byers

I was once made homeless by the registration laws when I went through a bad divorce, lost Job, and residence. I moved in with my mother in a mobile home park where she owned the home and paid a monthly lot rent, several months later her health deteriorated and I became her care giver. After living with her for two years a new property manager took over and got the sheriffs department to declare me evicted and no longer to be allowed on the property. Therefore I went homeless and was residing under a bridge and staying in contact with city P. D. Every Friday. Needless to say several months later the same deputy signed a warrant on me for failure to register even though I was in contact with city S.O.R. officer. Court finds me guilty as a “whole” no specific reason and release me to be homeless once again. Laws of protecting and padding their pockets. Is my understanding of this nonsense here in the great United States of America state of Arkansas!