Reply To: Christmas in the tent in the woods


This is sickening. No one should have to be “allowed” to go to THEIR home. If I were in this situation (and yes, I would do it, I’m not just saying I would), I would go right back to my home, let the probation/cops come arrest me, and then make one helluva show in the court room for all the little court “news’ reporters to take back to their little newspapers and news stations (cuz you know this would make news) and try to explain how this is the “greatest country in the world” that would allow people to be homeless due to a SPECIFIED type of crime!! The judge would have to talk OVER ME while I make sure every word I had to say to this “justice/court” system got said and recorded in the court.

Enough is enough!!! Why isn’t anyone in fear of the thugs that do drive by shootings and always MISS their intended targets, killing innocent people in their homes?? Why aren’t we keeping drunk drivers who get their licenses back to not live/drive near schools, parks and playgrounds? Why don’t we take debit cards away from people who have robbed convenience stores as it’s pretty obvious that the site of MONEY is their “dynamic risk factor” (that dumb term they use in SO treatment groups).

OMG!! I…….I seriously can’t deal with this. This type of situation (and there are hundred…thousands of them) makes me want to tell my probation officer how many ways to Saturday to go F herself.

As a country, we should be ashamed.