Reply To: NARSOL to SCOTUS: End social media bans


It is a nice rational idea that would be acceptable in a rational world. Unfortunately SORs are not about keeping people safe, that is just the sales pitch to the ignorant masses. That is why our lawmakers dismiss facts that contradict their position, because it is no longer about keeping anyone safe. It is about securing their position of power and making money..

The registries are about money. Money paid for the privilege of being on the registry. money for the courts and prisons when we are charged for being non-compliant, and money from federal funding.

It is set up for us to fail and every time one of us does, the state and county makes money. The more people on the registry the better it is for the state in financial terms. That is why they are finding all kinds of creative ways to keep adding people to it for longer lengths.

It is also an effective campaigning tool that helps politicians look tough on crime. This country has always had a scapegoat for politicians to dump on and now it is us. They make it nearly impossible to get off the registry and easy to get on it.

Our best chance for relief is through the federal courts with appointed officials rather than elected, as they have one job, to uphold the Constitution. In recent months we have seen signs that they will rule in our favor regardless of what the elected state officials want. My opinion is that we should continue on that path.