Reply To: NARSOL to SCOTUS: End social media bans


But keep in mind – even if the court strikes down the STATE’s ban on the use of social media, you still have to argue with the social media sites themselves who take it upon themselves to ban us whether it’s a state law or not.

I had a Facebook page for 5 yrs. My ex at the time and I had 4 yrs of pictures and history on our FB pages. Even tho an ex is an ex, there was so much more stuff on my page that was part of my life’s “journal” so to speak. I even had an “alias” name on there. Somehow, after 5 yrs, Facebook somehow discovered that i am an RSO and deleted my page (took them 5 yrs though lol). No one else was informed (not my P.O., not police, nothing). They (FB) simple sent me an e-mail stating that by their Terms of Service I am not allowed to use their site.

How the heck did they know? Fake name! Fake city! Do they have a way to do facial recognition? Even if you look a bit different in your normal life than you do in a mug-shot? And if it’s facial recognition, that software program they’re using to do it has to scan through MILLIONS of FB profiles every minute to find people and compare their face to the registry photos.