Reply To: NARSOL to SCOTUS: End social media bans

James Townsend

This goes right along with my case that is coming up in a few months here in Virginia. I never refused to take my lie detector test but since I told the examiner that I had been on a social network even being on this site I will be going back to court.

What it amounts to is the original saying ” Oh what a tangled web we lead when we first practice to deceive” You see they want to keep the sex offender in the dark as much as possible about their sex offense still be saints of holiness.

Now tell me how many commandments those ministers of God have broken in all these “ring around rosie” deceptive laws. Are all these things “traditions of man” or is American becoming a police state, nation or should the nation say to all sex offenders… exterminate. What a wild situation we all on the registry go thru when one takes away basic values.

Even the right to think is being compromised by these lawmakers for the common citizen. You vote them in and they think they have the right to underscore you in a free nation and I hope we are all still under God.