Reply To: NARSOL to Supreme Court: Throw out social media bans on SO’s



I know a lot of my posts are way over the top and a bit long (that’s why they don’t get posted) for a blog, but I shoot from the hip and do not like sacrificing valuable information despite making it as short and sweet as possible!

As Abraham Lincoln once stated “The only way to predict the future is to create it.”

My contention is always to introduce the deeper origins of the problem!

For past two decades I often thought and conceded about what could resolve this problem?

What would make society safer, especially children from sex crimes and more specifically sexual recidivism and I do have an answer for this but it is up to the reader to adopt or reject?

The idea is more specifically designed for first time offenders!

This would be a post-conviction contract under local and federal ‘Contract Law’ were the offender would customize a quasi affidavit contract stating they will not commit another sex crime stating how and why etc. This would be a chance for not being subject to registration reporting requirements and restriction.

The acceptance of such an agreement by both the legislative and judicial branches of government would be a good indication of the intent of “not to punish?”

This is just an idea (hello, anybody their?) that will get trashed on the sidelines (as usual)!