Reply To: NARSOL to Supreme Court: Throw out social media bans on SO’s



I can say with certainty that no one turned me in to the moderators at FB. My ex and I were actually still together at the time when my FB page was deactivated and only 2 other people on my friends list knew about me from day 1. As I said, my FB lasted 5 yrs.
I did an experiment afterwards by making another FB. I did not post any photos of myself. It was up for a few months when I decided to post a current pic. A few days after I posted my pic – *poof*! It was gone with another email from FB saying that I am in violation of their TOS.
Fake name, made up email, no friends list.
They have some type of facial recognition software. So, as I stated to RWVNRAL, they have to fight the social media sites also, not just the local courts.