Reply To: NARSOL to Supreme Court: Throw out social media bans on SO’s


James Townsend

Actually, maestro and lovecraft all that have an ear let them here. They just want people to not talk to kids. As far as anything else goes one can abuse anything. Even a car. One can use a car for good or bad.

Just as much as one can abuse one by arguing with one but yet the truth is the truth and media is either good or bad. Its just how one takes it or interrupts it. There is a positive use and a negative in everything under the sun.

But I wonder where authorities get their authority, even to set one up. Sure everybody gets mad on here or upset at something and wants to be right on everything. I would rather be 100% wrong than 1 percent right.

You read a newspaper and write a letter to the media… that’s social media. You use a computer and someone is disguising him or herself as someone their are not that is negative social media….. I think they have a word for all of this media status and it starts with a B ullxxxxx To take an educated guess I think the word is Bullcrap….. but I will be surprised if I do get to go to court and if I do I will use my spiritual warfare if I have to.. Or should police present a stumbling block upon the world?