Reply To: NARSOL to Supreme Court: Throw out social media bans on SO’s




All the religious stuff aside (you know how I feel about that, anyway), I hope you don’t go into court acting as if you did something “wrong” by using what has become a common household thing to use in this age – A COMPUTER.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT cower to them. If you get a chance to speak, speak! And say it in your own words but this is what i would say:

“Is there any reason, other than fear mongering, that I cannot use a computer or social media while I am on probation vs when I am OFF of probation? I will still be the same James Townsend when i’m off probation. I’m not going to morph into another person with a different mind, different looks and a clean criminal past. So, your honor, why exactly are we here wasting tax payer money? Why does the court allow the probation department to basically be a legalized bully system? I’m all ears.”

Chances are, you’ll make that judge hesitate a bit before he can gather the words to respond. Look over at the D.A. to see the shock on his face. I shocked the D.A. a couple of times when I spoke up in my court hearings. His eyes got wide and he just looked over at the judge. It was awesome! You may not win in terms of your case, but you’ll win in terms of making them realize how EFFING STUPID their SO rules are.