Reply To: Life in a Florida ghetto — uh — a registered sex offender camp



To answer your questions:

1) My probation ends in June of 2018 (a full 10 yrs of this crap)

2) Not sure if I will ‘enjoy life’ like any other free American because the best (youthful) years of my life where I should be traveling, sight seeing, interacting with people, dating whomever I want whether they have kids or not (altho I’ve never been fond of dating women with kids but whatever), being able to up and go to a NYE event out of state at the drop of a hat with the rest of my friends, etc…. will all be gone. Getting older while on probation and having to have missed out on so much is not going to leave me 100% happy. As I’m sure others feel the same way.

I’m sick of living in the boring state of Connecticut, but, until my probation ends, I won’t dare move to another state where i have no idea how much harsher the probation officers will be.
I’d like to live and work in NYC which is where I like to go to get something more than rural or ghetto areas out of life. I love big cities with lots to do. Including having ADULT fun. Be it a strip club or a cool little dive bar during happy hour where I can mix and mingle with OTHER ADULTS. Since probation doesn’t want me around “children” (even tho they treat us as if we are children)…at the same time they also don’t want us around adults either. Unless it’s adults that are homebodies and I am the farthest thing from a homebody.
But imagine, NYC, with a damn “park” or some type of recreational place around every corner….how the hell would probation enforce their nonsense in a city like that? I damn sure would not comply. Screw them! I’m gonna live! If I have to walk by Bryant Park to get to my job or home there, than that’s what I’ll do (if I lived and worked there).

Probation is USELESS. It’s proves NOTHING, it accomplishes NOTHING, and it protects NO ONE. It’s a farce. And the court systems know it.