Reply To: Life in a Florida ghetto — uh — a registered sex offender camp

James Townsend

It seems to me that the sex offender’s constitutional rights and personal freedom’s are taken away. While those in tent city’s are doomed by being labeled a sex offender with a degree of sexual behavior that is somewhat depressing to public status, it appears to me that the government is going a bit to far in their humanistic approach of all this sex hoopla.

While Maestro has his point of view as well as others on here. It is still a human behavior matter.

While my offense as well as others on here might be light compared to those in the tent city’s, we as sex offenders are all lumped up into one title. Did some kill anyone, did some induce a personal into sex, where some caught off guard in all this sex offender ordeal, or did some have the intention to just grab the cookies and run as some would say.

Talk about Me and bobby Mc/Gee. This is what the United States has came up with punishment when jail’s and prison’s are full of innocent folks that were only caught up in some type of cyber net sex offense.

Yes, hurting and murdering a child is serious but courts deep it expulsion from main stream America. Now that is cruel and unusual punishment for any man to do to another fellow man. While I look at simple internet rights those in this “tent city” ordeal are compounded to live a lifestyle of a degrading society one can call America.