Reply To: Life in a Florida ghetto — uh — a registered sex offender camp



What’s even sadder than just him being in a wheelchair and being in his mid 80’s is the fact that it’s conditioned into the brains of the ignorant law enforcement and the general public that a man in his 80’s in a wheelchair is a threat to public safety.

These are the types of arguments that need to be thrown into the faces of the courts/politicians when lawsuits are filed against the registry. But more so….lawsuits have to be filed against the PROBATION DEPARTMENTS for forcing these people into homelessness.

I can’t stress this enough – If you want to end homelessness of RSO’s you HAVE to start with Probation and maybe even Parole departments.
Not all states have laws against where you can live just because you’re on the registry (after completing probation/parole).
For example: In Connecticut there is no residency restriction if you’re registered but no longer on probation. Only while you’re on probation does that apply because wherever you want to live will first have to be “approved” by your probation officer. And they can say “No”.
How is this ‘helping people get back into society’ as the P.O.’s claim that’s what they’re doing?