Reply To: Life in a Florida ghetto — uh — a registered sex offender camp

James Townsend

You know they say wisdom is foolishness to the wise. I don’t want to be wise. Living out ones’ life with its ups an downs is hard enough unless one is perfect and upright, Yes we all face trails in life but when ministers of Justice or God compound things for some people. One has to wake up and take a look around and say are they no better than me
Derek I commend you for your observation in the “Tent City” ordeal and actually they are taking basic human rights away from those that got up, in some ways in this sex jam “sexual jam”. Now weather those in the Tent Citys” are hard core sex offenders or not, all flesh is weak and while compassion from the government is out of balance and taken out of context it seems to me that some are bowing down to the establishment.
While i know some on here don’t like me talking about religon but if you didn’t have the word of the Lord to fight with what would you have. Man’s wisdom or a more just approach to all this delimna. I would put an article like this in a local newspaper and see how others comment on it. Dehumanizing others is out cruel and unusual.