Reply To: Civil commitment setback | 8th Circuit reverses lower court


John W

I want to agree with you. I really do. I wish there was person who could step forward with an articulate, convincing argument of why the SOR is wrong. I long for someone to stand up and speak of how America, in spite of everything that is wrong with her, can recognize and correct the imperfections of our laws and regulations.

From the beginning of this nation, which was arguably “Christian”, but unarguably “Biblical” in principle, we have been a “forgiving” nation. Every person was to be judged by their own merit, good or bad, and than rewarded or punished accordingly. I know I’m stating an over-the-top simplification and that it’s hard to think of, but it was an underlying principle. Our government has been guilty of a lot of vile things, yet at the same time, great things. Our government is not innocent, but not totally guilty either.

Our government is “us”. We are that government! We are the ones who demanded the government take care of us. We are the ones who write the laws and regulations. We demanded everything! Remember the US Constitution Preamble that stated, “We the people…..”, or that little ditty quoted by Abe Lincoln: “of the people, by the people, for the people”. We are those people!!!

Why can’t RSO’s come together to testify or demonstrate against the injustice?
—-As a person on parole/probation: I would’t have been able to leave the county or state without written permission of a PO, which would not be granted, once I declare the When, Where, and Why. It is also cause for parole/probation to be pulled for knowingly being in the presence or company of another Ex-Felon, without written permission of the PO. (My brother and I can vouch for that). Those are the two catch-alls, but there are more.

—-As an RSO. In Missouri, it’s just like being on parole/probation, except it’s the city, county and/or state police that’s reported to, in place of a PO. Also as a RSO, I am trying to maintain a livelihood, and I found that keeping a low profile is my best chance. I’ve also found that “Freedom of Speech” is only for opining the Federal Government in general. Speaking out publicly against local government or local police will not go over very well. Especially if using social media.

—-As a Citizen. The possibility of putting the safety of my wife, children, and grandchildren in jeopardy because of some idiotic belief that “only a sex offender helps sex offenders and all sex offenders target children for their whole life.” (Remember what happens when the blind lead the blind!)

I can go on and on about the things we have done to ourselves, because of ourselves, but I think I made my point. My crime was 37 yrs ago. I’m in my sixties, and I believe I am closer to death than I am to a messiah.

Someone told me a long time ago that I don’t know what I don’t know. I thought that was a stupid way of ending a debate. Now, I know exactly what he meant!