Reply To: Civil commitment setback | 8th Circuit reverses lower court


James Townsend

I don’t know what their “due process” is but if you look it as do unto others as you would have them do unto you than you just might find the true answer to man’s due process.

John there is no love thy neighbor in any of this. It is man condemning man for a life time for a thought or a touch or a porno site they were on. Now do you think government is right in all this?

I would also have to say clean up the internet but that would not be right for man to do that as that would infringe on man’s right. What are they doing to the sex offender when most of these offenses are bogus to the max and of a Satanic nature if you ask me. People helping people seems a myth when it comes to government controlling others. And you know the government is not going to back down until someone rises up and speaks out.