Reply To: Civil commitment setback | 8th Circuit reverses lower court


“…14 people released in a 20 year period?…” That is beyond ridiculous and you cannot even place that within the realm of logic or science without having some punitive motive for revenge.

This has nothing to do with mental health nor public safety, they should just call it what it is “a prison” and excuse to gestapoize the constitution and bill of rights.

What I am about to say may seem like a twist on logic but I have to agree with the decision of the 8th cir. because of the grounds on which it is being challenged and I have always said this in the past but it falls on deaf ears (as usual) and that is and always has been:

“I do think that this is being challenged correctly based soley (terra firma) on an 8th amend. challenge, that is not the issue here, I have not read the decision but I do not need to because it is the same old rhetoric to these challenges. What needs to start happening are tort claims in “individual capacity” against the so called mental health professionals involved who are nothing more than robots (yes men and henchmen) that have no say so (authority) to exercise there State certified credentials which is basically a license to imprison people for the powers that be or they are just worried about getting a pay check from the State and that in itself is neither “professional” nor does it have anything to do with “mental health.” Seriously placing the underlying “Witch Science” behind this madness under serious empirical scrutiny is difficult if you are not challenging it directly. You cannot destroy the hive unless you destroy the queen bee (the Witch science)!”