Reply To: Civil commitment setback | 8th Circuit reverses lower court

James Townsend

Who doesn’t love a good battle and a good challenge. Isn’t that what men of human wisdom understand. Sure we all have problems each and ever one of us but man seems to want to solve problems man’s ways.
I went thru sex offender treatment classes a few weeks. Did I get suspended or did they kick me out of the class. No…. I told them the truth and sometimes with man it is impossible to understand the human nature of man.
Now while some of those men or women might have had an addiction to porn or some other thing the point is we all look at pretty women or men or some type of attraction or attribute of the opposite sex.
Its just part of the game and another devious device that man will instill on those caught up in this sex offender game but remember the law is the law.
These sex treatment programs are bogus snares’ if you ask me for their hopes that one won’t be in their do it again Sam programs of sex offender treatment.
Everybody is different.