Reply To: 8th Circuit’s ruling threatens civil liberties of all Americans

James Townsend

Actually if you really use forethought all these internet sex sting operations done on adult chat sites to catch sex predators are bogus attempts to catch anyone that is carnal by nature.
It lessens the creditability of the United States Government and the President. Protecting a fictitious person is unheard of. Where is truth, justice and the American Way. Are we an unjust nation or has America lost their balance. Now we are not catching people in public but thru some machine of a two way mirror.
This devilish tactic that Police have came up with is no more than the invention of a devil to instill terror to anyone with a dirty mouth whether one ask for sex or is coerced into sex by some trickery or crafty means.
I am sure the American Voters did not come up with any of this to instill on loved ones it is the Crafty Government and the President goes along with this in his mean’s form and fashion to protect what or who.
Real justice is done in public not with someone behind a desk pretending to be some fictitious person behind a screen that is giving love calls of a sexual innuendo.
Lying and deceit have become the form of American Justice of today for these sex offender situations done thru internet screens by those that suppose to honestly protect and serve.