Reply To: 8th Circuit’s ruling threatens civil liberties of all Americans


quote: “…The Minnesota Civil Commitment and Treatment of Sex Offenders Act, enacted in 1994, says any county attorney can ask a state district court to determine that a person is “sexually dangerous” or has a “sexually psychopathic personality.” If the court agrees that the county attorney has demonstrated this by clear and convincing evidence, the person is committed indefinitely, against his or her will, to a “secure treatment facility.” …”

How would you be able to prove this by “clear and convincing evidence?” based on a persons behavior in an artificial setting (current) where there human and civil rights are being violated everyday and if they get angry about it then they have impulsivity problems and are likely to reoffend? I don’t buy it period! It is impossible to prove this! Truly a “Double Jeopardy” violation of the constitution.

The State is abusing the mental health nomenclature and the community itself and any mental health professional participating in this criminal gestapo like conduct should be prosecuted and barred by the APA AMA from practicing any kind of mental health treatment of any human being.