Reply To: 8th Circuit’s ruling threatens civil liberties of all Americans


Robin, do you have any stats on the number of offenders released versus the number they commit? I just wonder how commonplace it is for them to commit someone being released from prison. Also are the people being committed only hands on or can it be any charge?

When I saw an article posted about this on here the other day I wanted to get more information on it before letting my mind run too wild. It really is terrifying reading stuff like this. Part of me wants to pack up and run for whatever border will take me. Being fearful generates a fight or flight response, but when the government allows the deck to be stacked against you especially after serving your time flight seems more reasonable and self preserving. While I intend to stay and fight, I think it’s important to keep a close eye on what goes on across the US. If they get away with this who’s to say they won’t try to apply something similar to all of us.