Reply To: The difficulties of a risk-based system


I was arrested and convicted of attempted child enticement in an online “bait and switch” sex sting. My state isn’t AWA compliant yet. So if/when my state becomes AWA compliant then my punishment becomes based on my offense with no consideration of the circumstances?

In my case, judging me based solely on my offense seems like nothing but a continuation of the fantasy that was created in the imagination of the cops who set me up and the media who sensationalized my arrest to the point where it was reported that I was “part of a child sex trafficking ring.” It’s funny because I’ve never had any sexual encounters with an underage person, ever.

In my case EVERYTHING was based on what i may have done and look where it got me. I’m more for having a risk based system as opposed to just using the offense but it does seem very dangerous to allow the system to classify and punish people based on predictions of what they might do. Which is, I suppose, what’s already happening with the abomination known as the Registry.

I agree with the others on here….the real problem is the Registry itself.