Reply To: The difficulties of a risk-based system


I think the idea or philosophy behind NARSOL’s thinking is that lawmakers would be more willing to accept this type of thinking but as a person of empirical science that is where I must part ways in supporting this type of thinking because it is extremely dangerous and to say the least you might as well join the psychic friends network or start using i ching or tarot cards to tell the future.

You are dealing with pseudoscience or what in the scientific community is referred to as “Witch Science” which is in the realm of parapsychology and metaphysics.

What it boils down to is guess work, collecting data and rolling dice against a closed system of variables based on that data but failing to capture the vast complex network of all the variables.

If actuarial profile analysis (comparative analysis of identified components by the observer relating to static and dynamic variables about behaviors shared by the general populous) were a valid way of predicting future human behavior that would be the end of a democratic society where fear would overshadow human rights and the whole idea behind freedom i.e. United States Constitution, Bill of Rights