Reply To: The difficulties of a risk-based system

H n H

Just an FYI, here locally, the famous founder/hypocrite of the registry who belongs on it himself, John Walsh has his own TV commercial asking for the publics help. His request is always the same “We need YOUR help to get these dangerous fugitives off the streets!”. Those dangerous fugitives are listed with 2 different people every time, and in each commercial the faces shown are different (never the same), but the charges of these people are all the same “FAILURE TO REGISTER”.

Yes, you heard correctly. The man who belongs on the registry himself but had the fortune of not being turned into a registrant makes a plea to the public for who he labels as” dangerous”. The crime which everyone is spoonfed is simply not making it to the office on time. Every time I see that commercial I literally yell at the TV “hypocrite”.

The public is being groomed by authorities to assume all registrants are dangerous monsters, and John Walsh is the head of the snake. I’ve given up any hope of having a normal life. No woman in her right mind will ever date me and to think any differently is a hope which is just dangerous. Someday ole Johnny boy will stand in front of God and have to give an account for all he’s done. And he’ll see the hell he’s put into the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

A side note, the registry is quickly approaching 1 million individuals. What will the reaction be then by authorities? Think 10 yrs down the road, we could have 2 million! Lots of dangerous people out there!