Reply To: The difficulties of a risk-based system

Derek W. Logue of

The only REAL solution is complete abolishment of the registry. It is a hydra; so long as even a single head remains, it regenerates. All it takes is one high profile case to prompt legislatures to strengthen the law.

I was classified a “predator” under a risk based system simply because the judge had great discretion in making decisions and despite showing obvious bias in court (even stating all sex offenders were high risk), he could get away with it because we aren’t a protected class.

The problem I will continue to have with most of you mere reformists is that you’re willing to continue to concede too much just to obtain very small moral victories. You are content to lop off a single head of the hydra and declare victory. The registry will continue to grow so long as it exists. This registry is going strong while the terrorist list fizzled out, another equally ineffective list created by fears of a different kind of “predator.”

Simply reforming the laws will NEVER be enough.