Reply To: The difficulties of a risk-based system

H n H

As long as the entire system is propped up by money, it will continue as it is. States receive funding from the government to pursue these convictions, and will twist any event involving a body part they so choose into a being a sex offense. Now, picture this country if sex charges were discouraged, can you even picture that? People aren’t rewarded for good behavior or lifetime achievements, they are banished for events that sometimes weren’t even their own desires. We’re dealing with a system built on deep, (bottom of the barrel) political corruption for the sole purpose of the sex registry being to satisfy parents who are unable to address their teen daughters promiscuity. Addressing the registry as a reaction to “crimes” completely dismisses the FACT that a vast majority of people on the cursed thing are on there for stuff that only the DA, courts, judges and justices twist to define as being “criminal” and those circumstances are only widening! In many cases the teen girl and her family adamantly do NOT want to push into a trial. But that doesn’t serve the courts continuing lust for power, and it is not the people their jobs serve, it is the power they have a hard grasp on and refuse to let go of. Just who are they serving? Not the people! Until this is addressed NARSOL is blindly unaware of how very limited they are in their ability to have any impact on the horrors of the registry.