Reply To: The difficulties of a risk-based system

James Townsend

Thank you Larry. While this NARSOL site has been a comfort to some there are pro’s and con’s to everything. Man’s devices will never solve this problem of the sex registry

In human standards what it can be boiled into is the devil beating his wife to coin a phrase.

I commend Larry on this risk based system but we are all it seems today classified as violent offender’s. That said all this boils down to is sin, whether a thought up sin or actually a sin of the flesh. While I know some of you all don’t want to hear this but it just goes to show you how far that the American government would go to protect even a fictitious child.

While all this might glamorize the government in all their endeavor it sure puts a stop on the one on the registry which is me and you.

1.One can’t go to church without a chaperone if they choice to do so…. which puts the other party in some sort of obligation that is your chaperone.

2.One has a lights out time or curfew, Some can’t get a job when they run a background check and find out one is a sex offender.

3. One can’t be on the internet like others for fear that one will talk to little children.
4. One is not responsible to self-govern himself or herself.
5. One cannot go around libraries or parks
6. One is self depressed and in a state of confusion because they are considered an outcast.

One is more or less discriminated by this and it seems unrealistic that society would do that especially the government since government was founded on “Biblical Principals”

I agree with Larry a better approach would be good but the way the nation is today I would say that governments don’t care anything about the sex offender…. Look at the black people today and the erase the hate thing……
One could say would sex offender right’s matter or black lives matter or all lives matter….. I hope Trump changes things. Go get’em NARSOL.