Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry

Privacy Matters

WRONG!!!! My husbands story is much the same. Nearly 15 years ago, in some off the grid back road town in FLORIDA he was with his “girlfriend”, they were both residents of North Carolina. Where the law is different. He was 24, she was 17. But in Florida, they were pulled over and carded. She (the 17 year old) had marijuana on her. She didn’t get charged. He did. For “Sexual activity with a minor 16/17 years of age”. We currently live in North Carolina, where the law does NOT recognize his charge here. He has been on the registry since we moved (back) here in 2008 after his judge in Florida deemed his case a “Romeo and Juliet” Case. As of 2016, He is still on the registry, we have attempted to have his record expunged, “No” was the answer. Nothing more from a florida attorney. No one will even look at this. The law here states that he doesn’t have to register after 10 years, WOOOHOOO, that’s coming up next June.. YAYYYY, Nope. Sorry wrong. The state of Florida requires that ALL OF IT’S REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS regardless of their current location MUST REGISTER IN THEIR STATE OF RESIDENCE FOR 25 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25 YEARS!!!!! Oh that 10 year expiration in your state does NOT matter. I live here. Im living this. We have 3 children. 2 are high school seniors, both graduating this year, he may not even be allowed to attend the graduation of our daughters (my biologicals, not his) he only can if he checks in, and is followed around by an SRO officer. Can I tell you that their graduation is NOT on campus, it is in the local Arena. He has NEVER seen that girl again. She did not testify against him, he admitted to having had sex with her. But he didn’t admit to doing it specifically in Florida, but Florida still got him. And now they have him for the next 12+ years. By then, OUR son will graduate, he will play hundreds of basketball games, and even more award ceremonies, parent/teacher conferences. AND GOD FORBID I ever have to go out of town and my son gets sick, or hurt, his DADDY can’t even be there for him. He can’t pick him up from school, he can’t watch him in all of his accomplishments. He is a Business owner, HIGHLY recommended by every single one of his customers. Some know about him, some don’t. Some don’t care, but others might. Now our local News station has decided to list the “Sex offenders” regardless of their situation (maybe they got drunk at a bar and took a piss by their car) on a public forum, Facebook, and their regular website, for people to just start bashing him. As if it’s not bad enough our kids are constantly affected by this in one way or another. It’s awful. It’s wrong. This can’t be the only way to live life after one stupid mistake of opening your mouth. Im on a MISSION, hear me ROAR. This is wrong. Un-constitutional, and simply destroying lives. One of our old neighbors even stalked my husband. Followed him everyone. Took pictures of him talking to people, to children (our children) went to the local elementary school on more than 40 occassions and signed in under his name. He was arrested one year later for this 40 incidents of being at a school he had only once ever been to (he was given special permission the one time) yet, with sex offenders on the registry it’s a “arrest now, ask maybe later” kind of thing. They arrested him. He had to go to court and fight it. We won. For the time being. But she then posted his face on every pole in the neighborhood, because him being on the “registry” allows her to do so. Why is it just bundled up?? But, the guy next door could have murdered his mom 10 years ago and we would never ever know. Unless, we find his name, look it up, and the internet doesn’t help this either. Just because he murdered someone doesn’t mean his conviction will show up. It might. But it might not. If you google my husbands name, That registry comes up first, EVERY SINGLE TIME.