Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry

NH Registrant

Thanks for the reply. I still am living in fear because I don’t know what will go on in my direction. I pray the guy doesn’t release my real name to people. That would put my family in jeopardy as well as me! There are still people with pitchforks out there these days. But, now, the pitchforks are computer keyboards and cell phones.

It’s become easier to smear someone and ruin their lives. The registry helps this. I honestly think the registry will NEVER be done away with because it is a steady source of revenue for the states in so many ways: the men and women who have to PAY for the privilege of being on the registry, and the paranoid public that ostracizes them and does everything they can to boot them out of their living areas – even to the point of false accusations. Being on the registry, you are automatically assumed guilty more than you were when you were accused in the first place.

It’s sad. But, this is what our society has sunk to: a bunch of over-paranoid people with entirely too much influential power in their pockets and on their desks.